Frequently asked questions

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

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Is CBD legal?

YES, Hemp-derived CBD Oils are federally legal, although some missleading information has caused confusion in the past. CBD Oils are available as isolate or full spectrum products. As previously mentioned, all products sold on are manufactured with CBD isolate. This pure CBD contains no THC and is federally legal.

Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

No, Products that are sold on contain CBD isolate, meaning we offer cannabidiol in its purest form. All of the products we represent contain no traces of THC and is verified with a third-party lab. Since there is no THC in these products, there will be no THC in your system. Therefore, you will be fine to take a drug test without testing positive for marijuana use. We are extremely confident about the purity of these CBD products, and we’ve never heard feedback of any customers testing positive for marijuana from our products. Also, because our products are THC-free, they are completely legal in all 50 states. Other CBD products on the market are considered “full spectrum,” meaning they still contain a small amount of THC. While the overall percentage of THC in these products is low, there is still a chance you could fail a drug test. If you are concerned about drug tests, your only truly safe option is to choose a brand that offers CBD isolate products.

Does CBD make me "High"?

No, CBD has very minimal/no THC which is the content found in marijuana that makes you "High". CBD allows all of the benefits of Hemp without the "High"